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A Development by Wing Tai Asia DeSIGneD by Guida Moseley Brown Architects of Australia only 25 UltrA-GrAcIoUS ApArtmentS In the noble heArt of U-thAnt, KUAlA lUmpUr Jalan U-Thant is the dignified diplomatic enclave of Kuala Lumpur, a serene, leafy tree-lined road of mature rainforest trees, just a breath away from the private Royal Selangor Golf Club and minutes from the iconic Petronas Twin Towers and the many multinational corporation offices in the city centre. Growing up on U-Thant road It was 1968. We would climb into the monsoon drains to dig up moss for mother’s bonsai, delicate miniature trees with tiny sculptures of bearded white-haired fishermen and moon bridges. When it rained, nanny showed us how to fold paper boats and we would watch the boats float away on the boisterous waters. I imagined the boats reaching Klang river and then Honour your generations the sea after that. We grew up in this mansion on U-Thant that first belonged to grandfather, and then father, who ran the family tin mining business. So many memories in that old beautiful house with the garden so big, it felt like a neverending field to me. The roads were quiet, green and very wide. It was an upper-class, generally expatriate neighbourhood, where every family had a team of servants—a driver, cook, gardener, amah—for every task imaginable. On weekends, father would take us out in his Austin Mini Cooper S and I still remember each house and the designs on the gates. Let weekends be divinely langorous Share your experiences Share your meals And be ridiculous once in a while Let your light shine through ...and make time to smile This distinctly upper-class neighbourhood has charmed expatriates and locals alike with its quiet, unpretentious character and easy living amongst the many stores and conveniences nearby. I lived away for many years— With my husband, we made homes in Hong Kong and Singapore. And now we’re back in Kuala Lumpur. Amazingly, we found a home


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