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Pronunciation Workshop 视频配套字幕 —The American dream does not come to those who fall out quick. Session One 1. Consonant R 2. Consonant W Hi, I’m your instructor Paul Gruber and welcome to the Pronunciation WorkshopsFirst Training Session. I am very excited that you have taken this first step to improve your English pronunciation and I do hope that you would enjoy this program and receive great benefits from it. Before we begin I wanna make sure that you have downloaded and printed out the training manual which accompanies this course. If you have not yet done so, please do it soon because you’ll definitely need it. Now you may be wondering how is it that I am going to help you change the way you speak. Well, basically, when you learned English as a second language, you kept many of the sounds and speech rules from your first language and you were continuing to use them when you speak English. This is what gives you an accent. You were using the sounds and speech rules from your native language instead of the sounds and speech rules of English. And you know why? Well, because when you learned English, nobody ever showed you what the sounds and speech rules of English were until now. That’s why I’m coming . Because I am going to show you and train you on how to use these sounds and speech rules correctly. Knowing in using these rules will help you reduce or possibly even eliminate your accent. Now throughout the program you’re often going to see me point to my mouth to show you how to produce a particular sound. I want you to pay close attention and try to copy exactly what it is I am doing. I would be showing you how to correctly form new sounds by changing the position of your tongue or changing the shape of your lips. These small changes are going to make very big changes in your speech. We’re going to practising and I recommend that you use the training manual and try to practise often. When you practise, I recomm


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