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PAGE 2 PAGE 1 Challenges for China—the world’s largest antidumping target Bin Jiang Doctoral Student in Business Administration, University of Texas at Arlington China has become the world’sbiggest target for antidumping investigations. WTO statistics indicate that since the early 1990s Chinese export products have attracted around 500 investigations that have resulted in more than 350 antidumping measures. What are the reasons behind the proliferation of these investigations against Chinese export products? And how can the Chinese government and export producers deal with such cases against the country in the future? When a product is exported at a price lower than that normally charged for it in its home market, it is often assumed that the exporter is “dumping” the product in the importing country. Antidumping (AD) is the legal framework countries use to place duties or import surcharges on products determined to have been dumped. The legal definitions are more precise, but basically the “Antidumping Agreement” of the World Trade Organization (WTO) allows governments to take action against dumping where there is a genuine (“material”) injury to the competing domestic industry. In order to take such action, the government must prove that dumping is taking place, calculate the extent of it (how much lower the export price is compared to the exporter’s home market price), and show that dumping is actually causing material injury. Why is China targeted? The reasons for the dramatic increase in antidumping cases against Chinese export products are both complex and diverse. Here we present and discuss four of these reasons. Reason 1: Most Chinese export producers compete on cost because local economic conditions make labor- or resource-intensive Chinese products extremely competitive in international markets. The country’s labor rates are approximately one-twentieth of those typically found in developed countries and one-tenth of those found in developing economies


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